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  1. Pure Handknit Original Wrap

    Pure Handknit Original Wrap

    Color Availability
    5 colors available
    Avg. Rating: 4 stars
  2. Pure Handknit Small Brim Hat

    Pure Handknit Small Brim Hat

    Color Availability
    5 colors available
  3. Andean Collection Fair Trade Woven Infinity Scarf

    Andean Collection Fair Trade Woven Infinity Scarf

    Color Availability
    1 color available
    Avg. Rating: 5 stars
  4. Asian Eye Fair Trade Cotton/Linen Toujours Scarf (Red)
  5. Green 3 Apparel Reclaimed Graphic Check Infinity Scarf
  6. Fair Trade Wool Tofino Shawl (Multi)

    Fair Trade Wool Tofino Shawl (Multi)

    Avg. Rating: 5 stars
  7. World Finds Fair Trade Recycled Kantha Belt (Blues/Greens)
  8. Asian Eye Fair Trade Silk Blue Swell Scarf (Blue)
  9. Asian Eye Fair Trade Wool/Silk Blue Macaw Scarf (Blue)
  10. Solmate Raspberry Mismatched USA made Socks
  11. Asian Eye Fair Trade Wool/Silk Gold Macaw Scarf (Gold)
  12. Asian Eye Fair Trade Silk Prima Scarf (Grey)
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An eye-catching accessory is a great way to gild even the prettiest of lilies, and women's fair trade accessories from Fair Indigo put the perfect finishing touch to your favorite ensemble. From fair trade to compassionate business practices, these bits and baubles and the people who create them put into practice all the values you hold dear.

Keep out the cold with a hat, scarf, gloves or mittens from any number of Fair Indigo's socially responsible vendors. Green 3 Apparel specializes in women's fair trade accessories made from reclaimed fabrics, while the uniquely patterned silk and wool creations from Asian Eye help to support the Hope Project, an organization in India that helps provide health care, education and new sources of income to some of the country's most poverty-stricken areas. Tey-art - Tabask alpaca hats are made in Peru by skilled artisans who earn a fair wage for their delicate handy work.

Wrap your toes in comfort with colorful socks by Solmate and Fox River. Both companies offer women's fair trade accessories that are American made in North Carolina and Iowa, so you can put your feet up secure in the knowledge that your purchase goes to support the local economy and homegrown small businesses.

Other categories at Fair Indigo include women's recycled accessories by World Finds, a company that offers one-of-a-kind belts made from colorful, reclaimed Indian kantha quilts. Another company using reclaimed materials is Sprout watches. Their watch designs are made from organic and natural materials to create eco-friendly timepieces that are as fun as they are functional.

Whether you're looking for women's recycled accessories or a fair trade way to add some colorful flair to your existing wardrobe, Fair Indigo has an impressive collection of products that will support your style as well as your convictions.