Find baby fair trade clothing on sale at Fair Indigo to dress your baby in ethical apparel.

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  1. Pilgrim Imports 3D Baby Girl Box Metal Fair Trade Ornament
  2. Pilgrim Imports Jiffy the Giraffe Metal Fair Trade Ornament
  3. Joobles Organic Baby Rattle - Mel the Monkey
  4. Joobles Organic Baby Rattle - Cutie the Lamb
  5. Joobles Organic Baby Rattle - Kitty Katz

    Joobles Organic Baby Rattle - Kitty Katz

  6. Joobles Organic Baby Rattle - Flop the Frog
  7. Joobles Organic Baby Rattle - Pip the Dog
  8. Lula La Baby Organic Handknit Flower Jumper

    Lula La Baby Organic Handknit Flower Jumper

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    2 colors available
  9. Pilgrim Imports 3D Baby Boy Box Metal Fair Trade Ornament
  10. Joobles Organic Baby Rattle - Jiffy the Giraffe
  11. Joobles Organic Baby Rattle - Roar the Lion
  12. Joobles Organic Baby Rattle - Icy the Penguin
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Discover fair trade baby clothing on sale at Fair Indigo, and save big on socially responsible apparel for any little guy or gal. Choose from organic baby clothes on sale that are made from the best ethically sourced materials, including USA-made t-shirts and blankets and pesticide-free organic cotton grown and harvested by workers being paid a fair living wage.

Shop for fair trade clothing to deliver softness, comfort and eco-conscious style to little ones for less. Ethically sourced materials are used to manufacture these green baby clothes that showcase your ethical shopping habits. Workers crafting these exceptionally comfortable garments for babies are paid a fair wage — your purchase helps you do good for a hardworking person located anywhere from Peru to the U.S.

Count on these sweatshop-free clothes to feel soft and comfy against baby's skin. Choose garments made from organic cotton specially grown in pesticide-free fields without the use of harsh chemicals or insecticides. Organic cotton is not only gentle against delicate skin, but it is also highly durable, often outlasting regular cotton despite multiple washes and heavy use. From baby coveralls and bottoms to onesies and tiny baby booties, baby organic clothing on sale at Fair Indigo makes it easy to outfit any little one's wardrobe with options made from sustainable sources.

Browse the selection of USA made clothes for kids. From warm, durable and easy to care reclaimed cotton throws to organic baby tees, you'll find quality merchandise at bargain prices.

Unearth deals on fair trade baby clothing on sale at Fair Indigo. Find clothing made from organic cotton grown in pesticide-free soil and American made kids clothes that are good for the earth and it's littlest citizens.