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  1. Omnisax Bloom Reusable Shopping Bags 5-pack

    Omnisax Bloom Reusable Shopping Bags 5-pack

    Avg. Rating: 5 stars
  2. Omnisax Anastasia Reusable Shopping Bags 5-pack
  3. Rising Tide Felted Wool Printed Poppies Bag
  4. Green 3 Apparel Reclaimed Foldover Shoulder Bag
  5. Rising Tide Felted Wool Printed Paisley Bag
  6. Omnisax Wanderlust Reusable Shopping Bags 5-pack
  7. Malia Designs Chevron Zip Travel Wallet

    Malia Designs Chevron Zip Travel Wallet

    Color Availability
    4 colors available
  8. Nell and Mary Roofline Organic USA-made Cosmetic Bag (Cream)
  9. Shiraleah Ella Vegan Leather Satchel

    Shiraleah Ella Vegan Leather Satchel

  10. Baskets of Cambodia Hand Woven Tatami Clutch (Black Speckled)
  11. Omnisax Rolling Stone Reusable Shopping Bags 5-pack
  12. Nell and Mary Nest Organic USA-made Cosmetic Bag (Cream)
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A great handbag or tote makes your outfit pop and your life a lot easier. Shop a selection of women's organic bags in sizes that range from clutches for quick outings to oversized catchalls that are perfect for a day of shopping or a weekend get-away.

Head out for the day with one of a large selection of women's vegan leather bags over your shoulder, and feel good about your ethical fashion choices while grabbing attention with your put-together look. Animal-friendly bags from Shiraleah offer chic appeal without harming living creatures. Classic cuts feature eco-friendly polyurethane construction and plenty of room for your keys, wallet and phone: natural fabrics and sweat-shop free construction add to their appeal.

Hit the organic farmers' market with a set of Omnisax reusable shopping bags; these ethical bags help you do your part to cut down on the plastic bag usage that harms our waterways and landfills. The bags roll up to a fraction of their size, making it easy to stash them in your purse or your pockets for when shopping day arrives. Generous women's organic bags from Nell and Mary are ready to hold everything from outfits for an all-girls weekend to extra towels, diapers and snacks for a day with family on the beach. TeyArt Tabask embroidered mini sling bags are wearable works of art that keep your valuables close as you roam museums or stalls at your local flea market. Made in Peru, these bags feature colorful hand embroidered designs that complement your look.

Whether your style is cross-body cloth or traditional women's vegan leather bags for business, you'll find socially responsible designs in myriad sizes at Fair Indigo to keep your valuables close and your values in check.