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  1. Green 3 Apparel Reclaimed USA-made Caring Quilt (Assorted)
  2. Shiraleah Vegan Leather Blake Hobo (Red)

    Shiraleah Vegan Leather Blake Hobo (Red)

  3. Plan Toys Fair Trade Eco-friendly Mini Garbage Truck
  4. Green 3 Apparel made in USA Recycled Art Deco Deer Scarf
  5. Good Paper Variety 4-pack Fair Trade Recycled Christmas Greeting Cards
  6. Pilgrim Imports Paws Up Kitty Fair Trade Ornament
  7. Pilgrim Imports Tractor Fair Trade Ornament
  8. Plan Toys Eco-friendly Fair Trade Mini Roller
  9. Asian Eye Two Sided Silk Scarf (Red/Orange)
  10. Pilgrim Imports Santa Motorcycle Fair Trade Holiday Ornament
  11. Pilgrim Imports Art Fair Trade Ornament

    Pilgrim Imports Art Fair Trade Ornament

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  12. Timber Green Woods 5
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Explore the sale pages at Fair Indigo all year long to find wonderful deals on fair trade gifts on sale. From jewelry and accessories sure to make her smile, to super-soft baby blankets and fabulous home goods, this ever-changing collection of discounted items lets you shop your conscience and save.

Fair Indigo allows you to filter searches by your own most deeply held values, so it's easy to find USA-made gifts on sale or organic goods you can't live without. Take advantage of off-season sales to prepare for the next holiday rush, or swoop in and save on a coveted handmade necklace or shirt. Shop for a friend, shop for a loved one, or shop for yourself — when you buy from Fair Indigo, you put your commitment to socially responsible consuming front and center.

When the man in your life is facing another birthday, take a look at sales on men's clothing and accessories from top ethically conscious brands. Enjoy greater purchasing power, thanks to sale prices of up to 75 percent off, and remain confident that your purchase still supports the causes you care about most.

Search for fair trade gifts on sale to get gift ideas for upcoming special events, or to treat yourself to a little something pretty. Look for housewares such as handcrafted kitchen goods made from renewable resources like hearty bamboo, and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces made ethically by fair trade companies around the world.

When you shop for USA-made gifts on sale, you help Americans just like you support their families and maintain steady, fairly paid employment. When you shop for international fair trade goods, your dollars help supply workers and communities with vital resources such as education and health care.

At Fair Indigo, sale shopping is still smart shopping. Find fabulous gifts for yourself and your like-minded friends without compromising your conscience.