Buy fair trade jewelry from Imagine Jewelry and Jewelry by Harlow at Fair Indigo.

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Salute your passion for all things shimmering and sparkly with fair trade jewelry from Fair Indigo. From casual daytime art-deco necklaces to beaded bracelets and earrings that turn heads wherever you go, our collection of socially responsible baubles lets you put the finishing touches on each one of your carefully chosen ensembles.

The powers that be at Imagine Jewelry create their handcrafted masterpieces in the Midwestern town of Madison, Wisconsin. Their nature-inspired designs are rife with sparkling blue and green beads that mimic the color of the ocean and sky. Imagine Jewelry frequently partners with Blue Hill By Hand, where small-scale artisans gather reusable materials, like recycled watch gears, reclaimed copper and discarded computer components, to piece together socially responsible art that is both wearable and ethically sound.

Head northwest from Madison and you reach Jewelry by Harlow's studio in Portland, Oregon. The artists here take inspiration from nature and vintage pieces to create USA-made jewelry using actual bits of twig combined with silver elements and beads that perfectly catch the surrounding light.

Fair trade jewelry meets inspiring ingenuity with Urban Lace's creations made from recycled inner tubes. Friends are sure to impressed that your gorgeous and intricate bangle used to be a tire, and rest in the fact that everyone involved in making it was compensated fairly and treated with compassion.

If you're willing to think outside the USA-made jewelry box and head down south, the Faire Collection jewelry made in Ecuador is created by sweatshop-free businesses that employee local artisans to transform natural materials like tagua nuts into stunning accessories. Each piece features the natural irregularities that make artisanal products so special, and many necklaces, earrings and bracelets have been dyed in vivid colors that pump up the style volume without obscuring the material's innate beauty.

Spend a few minutes exploring all the women's fair trade jewelry at Fair Indigo, and you won't believe how affordable and easy it is to support ethical businesses both here and abroad without ever losing your passion for style.