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  1. BedHead Wisteria Stretch Crop USA Made Pajama Set
  2. BedHead Crème Closet Romantic Stetch Lace USA Made PJ Set
  3. BedHead Cherry Stretch Glam Slip Made in USA PJ's
  4. BedHead Cherry Classic Stretch USA made Pajama Set
  5. BedHead Jewel Bird USA-made PJ's

    BedHead Jewel Bird USA-made PJ's

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  6. BedHead Eiffel Tower Classic Stretch USA made PJ Set
  7. BedHead Eiffel Tower Stretch Lace Made in USA PJ Set
  8. BedHead Flamingos Stretch Shorty Made in USA PJ Set
  9. BedHead Paparazzi Stretch Crop Made in USA Pajama Set
  10. BedHead Wisteria Stretch Cami and Pant Made in USA PJ Set
  11. BedHead Birds Toile Classic Stretch USA made Pajama Set
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BedHead - Made in the USA

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Delightfully soft and whimsically designed, BedHead PJs help you stay true to your values even when you're sleeping. This sleepwear collection puts a premium on comfort, and because each garment is fairly made in the USA, you can rest easy knowing that your warm, cozy jammies are ethically and socially responsible.

All American-made BedHead PJs feature a durable yet snugly cotton construction. Because cotton is a natural fiber that breathes, it helps regulate your body temperature, encouraging more restful slumber. Easy-fit, relaxed styles allow you to move freely without encountering scratchy seams or binding straps, while colorful patterns let you show off your playful personality.

Choose between classic two-piece pajamas and slip-style nightgowns. You can find PJs featuring nature-inspired patterns, elegant lacy trim and romantic floral motifs. For a more forgiving fit, look for pieces made with 5 percent spandex to add just the right amount of stretch. Dream about Paris when you don PJs featuring an Eiffel Tower print, or indulge your sweet tooth with a cherry-themed design. With structural features such as elastic waistbands, pullover tops or oversized buttons, each garment is simple to put on and take off, so you can spend less time getting ready for bed and more time getting a good night's sleep.

This USA-made sleepwear is more than just luxuriously cozy. It's made fairly in Los Angeles, California, so your purchase helps keep Americans at work and makes a direct impact on the country's economy. Thanks to a commitment to quality and a focus on function as well as style, you can wear your jammies again and again. Just machine-wash them when you need to — no special care is required to keep them looking and feeling good for years.

This USA-made sleepwear is as comfy-cozy on your body as it is on your conscience. Enjoy sweeter dreams when you tuck yourself in a comfy BedHead pajama.