We're all in this together

In a world of fleeting fads, disposable clothes, and questionable ethics, we stand for something different - Style with a Conscience.
When fashion is done right, everyone profits: discerning consumers like you, farmers, herders, garment workers, and the earth we all share. At Fair Indigo, you’ll find a carefully curated collection of clothing, accessories, and gifts that are stylish, sustainable, and the means to a happy, healthy life for people like these. Thanks to you, they work in safe surroundings - not sweatshops - and earn a fair wage that enables them to house, feed, and care for their families and strengthen their communities. You’re helping create a culture of caring with every piece you wear. Change the world by changing your clothes - that's grass roots fair trade.

About Fair Indigo 

Welcome to Fair Indigo

Just a handful (7 to be precise) of people who are privileged to share a daunting, humbling, but uplifting purpose: we comb the globe--from small towns in North Carolina to highland villages in Peru--to find uniquely beautiful clothes and accessories, all made with immense care by people whose lives have been changed by the availability of safe, clean work, fair wages, and mutual respect for Mother Earth. Our fair trade clothing and gifts help lift people up in the developing world. Made in USA clothing and gifts keep much needed jobs at home. And both of these collections include a large selection of organic clothing.

Our Values

Our fair trade values