Wool is Cool.

The Giesswein mission is simple: combine soft, uniquely-durable, and breathable boiled wool with the foot support necessary to keep you healthy, energized, and comfortable all day long. Giesswein's natural wool footwear is not only healthy and comfortable, it is also environmentally friendly. While other companies are seeking to jump on the "green" bandwagon, Giesswein has been committed to the environment since their first batch of boiled wool was created in Austria in 1954.
Giesswein's environmental vision is inspired by the uniqueness of the Tyrolean Mountains that surround them-a declared belief in nature and environment is part of the company's philosophy. Their commitment starts with an economical use of resources, continues with a non-polluting production, and ends with a natural way of packaging. Water-protection, energy-conservation, and waste-prevention are at the core of their values. Giesswein is as proud of their non-polluting production as they are of their quality-driven product. Water leaves their plant just as pure and clear as it comes in. Environmental awareness combined with modern technology guarantee that anyone who wears a Giesswein product wears a pure and natural fashion item.