An American Manufacturing Renaissance

The "experts" said he was crazy. At a time when apparel manufacturers were leaving in droves, Ed - ever a contrarian, opened an apparel factory in Wendell, North Carolina. Others said he'd never be able to compete, but Ed prevailed - building a business that's now providing hundreds of living wage jobs. He makes it happen with sharp business sense, compassion for his employees, and the conviction that upper management should be fairly - not outrageously - compensated for success. He's proven that principled business is good business.

Contrarian business owner, Ed

Turnover at the factory is marginal. And why wouldn't it be? In addition to a fair wage and comfortable working conditions, Ed pays 100% of the tuition for children of employees to attend one of the four nearby state universities. "The only hope kids around here have for the long term is getting an education," he says. "When I lay in bed at night, this is what makes me think I've done something good today."

A few Wendell workers: Marie, Debra, Vivian, and Bertha

Partnering with Green 3 Apparel in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we're proud to offer you products from Ed's factory.