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Fair Indigo Premium Fabrics

Sustainable fibers like organic Peruvian Pima cotton and baby alpaca are the foundation of Fair Indigo's offering. Not only are they kinder on the earth and its people, they also fashion garments that endure beautifully through years of enthusiastic use with very little shrinking or pilling. 
Organic Stretch Jersey 
95% organic Pima cotton, 5% spandex
Our most popular fabric for tops and tees. So buttery soft! The hint of spandex means they’re fabulously comfortable and will hold their shape beautifully without being clingy.
Organic Men's Peached Jersey
100% organic Pima cotton
You may never want to buy tees anywhere else after trying these. They're that soft, well-made, and comfortable. The long-lasting Pima cotton and pre-shrinking means they'll stay that way wash after wash. A light peaching process pumps up the softness.
Organic All-Cotton Jersey
100% organic Pima cotton
It’s hard to get more pure than this gorgeous, silky Pima cotton jersey. Slightly lighter than our Organic Stretch Jersey, but by no means tissue-weight.
Organic Interlock
100% Organic Pima cotton
The ingenuity of our double-knit organic interlock fabric is its ability to stretch and retain shape beautifully without spandex. This is called mechanical stretch – achieved by the structure of the knitted yarns themselves. Loftier than our jersey fabric, it’s an ideal weight for knit dresses and our most substantial weight tops.
Organic French Terry
97% organic Pima cotton, 3% spandex
As soft as your favorite loungewear, but structured enough to be designed into silhouettes that demand more shape and sleekness.
Organic Fleece
100% organic Pima cotton
Our organic fleece is a true rarity and exclusively available at Fair Indigo. Almost all fleece you’ll find today is a blend of polyester and cotton, but ours is 100% Pima cotton. You’ll notice. The inside of the fleece feels dreamy soft against your skin, while the outside is smooth and structured. With proper care, the garment will wear beautifully for years. Hand washing (or machine wash gentle and line drying) are essential to prevent pilling and shrinking.
Pontè Knit
53% cotton, 38% polyester, 9% spandex
Our pontè knit is the most structured fabric you’ll find that’s still a flexible knit. It’s ideal for its unique ability to smooth over bumps, creating a sleek and structured garment while being extremely comfortable to move freely in. For the moment, we are not able to get organic cotton in the pontè knit, but we are working toward this goal.
Organic Cotton Sweaters
100% organic Tanguis cotton
Tanguis cotton is very similar to Pima, with fibers that are just slightly thicker – perfect for making sweaters. The cotton is knit into a nicely substantial fabric but not in the least bit bulky.
Cotton/Alpaca Sweaters
85% cotton, 15% baby alpaca
Perfect proportions of silky cotton and soft, warm baby alpaca from the Peruvian Andes create sweaters that are lightweight, warmer than pure cotton, and lustrous with beautiful drape. An innovative Fair Indigo sweater blend you won't find anywhere else.
Baby Alpaca Sweaters
100% baby alpaca
Spectacularly understated beauty. You'll feel it the moment it's in your hands. Contrary to what its name suggests, baby alpaca comes from the softest underbelly of adult alpacas. It’s stunningly soft and lightweight, but stronger than wool. In addition, it’s up to seven times warmer, yet more breathable. Baby alpaca is free of the lanolin found in wool so it’s hypoallergenic too.
Baby Alpaca Wovens
100% baby alpaca
The same baby alpaca as in our sweaters, but woven into a tighter, sturdier weave ideal for scarves.