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Partners in Good

We're all in this together. To fundamentally transform the apparel industry, we need everyone to be partners. Conscious consumers like you, contrarian retailers like us, and dedicated (often scrappy) suppliers who are committed to making fair trade into a sustainable economic model. Here are stories from some of our producer partners. If you know a fair trade, eco-friendly, or US-based producer or brand you'd like to see Fair Indigo carry, you can email our co-founder directly with your recommendation.
Fair trade is a family value: The Fair Indigo Collection. The story.
Transformative fashion. Neon Buddha. The story.
An American manufacturing renaissance: Green 3 Apparel Organics. The story.
Safe and well-rewarded work in the Peruvian Andes. Fair Indigo Alpaca. The story.
The fair trade "Cashmere of the Andes: Tey-art Alpaca. The story.
Shoes that walk the walk. Oka b Footwear. The story.
Our first Fair Trade Certified® T-shirts. The story.
Alight with joy and hope: Pilgrim Imports fair trade ornaments. The story.