Login/Password Issues

Clearing your cache
Our recent security enhancements will occasionally cause account login and password issues. If you are having problems, you may want to clear the cache on your internet browser. You should only have to do this once to fix the issue permanently. Click the web browser you are using below to see simple instructions.
Once you do this, you may need to click the "forgot your password" link one more time to reset it permanently. If you are still experiencing problems, contact us for help.
Hotmail Issues
Hotmail is currently mis-identifying some Fair Indigo email as Spam or Junk. This will either place the email in your Junk folder or, in some cases, prevent delivery of the email altogether. We are working with Hotmail to get this fixed. You can also reach out to Hotmail Customer Service to let them know you have an account with Fair Indigo and would like them unblocked. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and hope to have it solved very soon.