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A beautiful finishing touch to your minimalist organic wardrobe.
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Imagine Jewelry Sterling Silver Raindrop Earrings
Imagine Jewelry Neapolitan Dream Earrings
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Sela Designs The Medley Tagua Nut Necklace
Sela Designs The Hattie Tagua Nut and Brass Earrings
Imagine Jewelry Dancing Coin Necklace
Imagine Jewelry Twisted Leaf Earrings
Imagine Jewelry Kyanite Eye Necklace
Sela Designs The Ruby Tagua Nut Post Earrings
Imagine Jewelry Three Gems Earrings
Imagine Jewelry Kyanite Dime Earrings
Sela Designs The Silvie Tagua Nut Long Necklace
Sela Designs The Sunrise Tagua Nut Drop Earrings
Sela Designs Tagua Nut and Brass Tassel Earrings
Sela Designs The Dylan Tagua Nut and Brass Pendant Earrings
Sela Designs The Selma Tagua Nut and Brass Post Earrings