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We started Fair Indigo to change the way we think about our clothes. To build sustainable, premium-quality garments you can wear right now and for years to come. And to fairly reward our friends - the good people who make the clothes - providing them the means to a happy, healthy life. Read our story.

ORGANIC PIMA COTTON: Grown on 2 family farms in Peru, it's ranked in the top 0.005% of all cotton on the planet.  It not only creates garments that are otherworldly soft, but that endure absolutely beautifully through literally years.

FOREVER ORGANIC TEES: Our most successful styles - the building blocks to a sustainable closet. Customer after customer tells us these are the best tees they've ever owned. We are interested in content for her and for him.

Brand Deck (pdf)

forever organic tees

THE JOOBLES: Our sister brand is a lovable bunch of organic stuffed animals hand knit in fair trade cooperatives. If you have experience creating content for children or babies, help us spread the smiles and the joy!

Brand deck (pdf)

organic stuffed animals
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