Countdown to Spring 2021



June 20, 2020

Our cotton has finally reached the spinning mill where it's being spun into yarns. The cotton being spun here will serve both our truncated Fall 2020 order and our Spring 2021 order.

June 1, 2020

As our business at Fair Indigo has been badly damaged, Spring 2021 is the least of our worries. The Peruvian lockdown has been extended several more times and only now can the garment manufacturing sector come slowly back online.

The worst of our problems is that much of the Spring 2020 production still hasn't left Peru and the absolute disaster is that Fall 2020 production - we should be sewing right now. We heaven't even made the fabric yet! We are months behind.


April 2, 2020

With cases and deaths spiking badly in the country, the President announced that no citizen may leave the house for the remainder of the quarantine other than for medical attention or to buy groceries. Men may leave their homes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and women on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. No one is allowed to leave on Sunday. Violations result in steep fines.


March 26, 2020

President Vizcarra announces that the quarantine set to be lifted within a few days will be extended until April 12. Our cotton is still stuck at the ginning facility. 

March 15, 2020

As Covid strikes Peru, President Martin Vizcarra declares a 15-day national lockdown. This includes the transportation sector. For the next two weeks, only medical supplies, food, and essential household items may be transported by truck. Our cotton was scheduled to ship to the spinning mill on March 17. Now we'll have to wait until April 1.


March 10, 2020

The cotton ginning process is complete. Ginning is the step that separates the soft cotton fiber from the plant. The whole world is talking about the new coronavirus. But it feels far off. 

Meanwhile, a large portion of our Spring 2020 production which was supposed to ship to the US is now also unable to be finished and shipped. 

Our Fall 2020 fabric knitting and dyeing should be well underway right now. But nothing can start. All non essential production facilities are shuttered.


February 2020

Organic Pima cotton is harvested from our farm in Chiclayo, Peru.


July 2019

Organic pima cotton is planted at our farm in Chiclyao, Peru. We have two cotton farms - one here in the north and the other in the Pisco region. 

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