Fair Indigo Partner Manual-02-Ethos

Fair Indigo Ethos

When fashion is done right, we can all do well.

Informed consumers, farmers, garments workers, businesses, and the earth we all share.

In a world drowning in disposable, cheap, fast fashion, Fair Indigo stands firmly for SUSTAINABLE FASHION.

That means starting with ORGANIC COTTON and earth-friendly materials.

It also means EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY fabrics and construction that gives a garment YEARS OF USEFUL LIFE. It leans heavily on TIMELESS STYLE, not fads.

We work with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. Not just for the planet, but for its people. Garment workers are PAID FAIRLY, treated with RESPECT, and afforded the means to a HAPPY LIFE.

A profitable and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS is built on a foundation of TRUST and long-term RELATIONSHIPS. With our suppliers and with our customers.

We can CHANGE THE WORLD. Just by changing our clothes.

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