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New Stuff?


As in almost every corner of the world, the aftermath of the pandemic continues to significantly impact our ability to produce new clothing. Everything from shortages of basic materials to reduced availability of garment-making personnel. Our partners in Peru appreciate your business more than we can express and are so grateful for your patience.


With increased carrier volume, please allow extra time for delivery. Unfortunately we are not able to offer expedited shipping at this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding.  

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Our first and foremost concern is for the safety of our own Fair Indigo employees, the logistics workers who process and ship orders, and our production partners across dozens of workshops in Peru.

We are following all national, state, and local guidance to adhere to the safest working environments possible.

Are your shipping times delayed? 

Shipping services like USPS and UPS are experiencing extremely high volumes seven days a week as more people shop online. While the vast majority of orders ship out the day after you place the order and most are received within a week of shipping, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Can I expedite shipping for an additional charge?

No. Unfortunately none of the shipping services are guaranteeing delivery within the expedited windows for the foreseeable future and we will not be offering this service at this time.

Can I still make returns?

Yes, our return policies have not changed. But please allow 2-3 weeks for in-transit and processing time.

Why are many items sold out on your website?

There continues to be severe disruptions in the production of cotton yarns, reduced capacity at sewing facilities, and transportation backlogs. This means our normal production plans continue to be chaotic and changing on a daily basis.

Why is this happening?

This is a very complex situation with not enough space here to go into all the details. But the short version is that the pandemic caused a sudden collapse followed by a sudden surge in demand for some components of the economy while causing the opposite - a sudden surge followed by a sudden collapse -  in other components. The workforce globally is not large or flexible enough to gear up in the surging components after they spent a year gearing down.

The clothing supply chain is 16 months long from cotton seed to shirt. (read more). COVID and its aftermath have hit that chain up and down since the pandemic began, and if just one link is broken (e.g sewing threads), all production stops.

When will you be getting new stock in?

This is an evolving answer and unfortunately we cannot give great estimates. For the foreseeable future, we anticipate our stock to come in little by little rather than in big batches as in years past. 


While the pandemic has affected just about every individual and business in some way, it is particularly challenging for small independent businesses like Fair Indigo and our likewise small workshops in Peru. Larger enterprises often have the financial resources to ride out these kinds of 100-year storms to avoid going under. But we and our small business brethren have to swim fiercely upstream just to stay afloat. And we will. But there is no sugarcoating. We remain in a triage situation.

We thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Above everything, please stay healthy and safe!