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recycled polyester activewear clothing

Global plastic production has finally started leveling off, even falling for the first time in 2020. It's a trend that needs to continue. In the meantime, there's still a lot of plastic. Every year, the world discards as much plastic as it produces and sadly most of it ends up in landfills. We can feel better when we recycle plastic, but there is now a glut of recycled plastic with nowhere to go.

A special challenge: oceans 

In addition to the sheer level of plastic waste in general, a large portion of it is close to the world's oceans; simply a function of the number of people who reside near the coasts. It is estimated 8 million tons of plastic makes its way into the oceans. Every year! We simply must do better.

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source: Jambeck et al (2015), Eriksen et al (2014)

Let's work it out 

That's where our Luxe Recycled Activewear tries to help. With meticulous attention to process, details, and quality, this discarded material is given a second - and years long - life. As comfortable, functional, and enduring clothing.

Just recycling plastic into polyester isn't good enough. The process can often be very energy and chemical intensive. But our partners in Colombia have innovated this process over and over to create the lowest impact plastic repurposing on the planet.

  • Maximizes use of "mechanical" recycling and minimizes use of chemical recycling. Chemical recycling is faster and cheaper, but it requires three times as much energy and creates three times as much emissions.
  • Adheres to the Global Recycled Standard 4.
  • With abundant rainfall near the fabric mill, 800 cubic meters of rainwater are collected daily for use in the recycling and fabric production process.
  • 65% of water is completely re-used.
  • Oeko-tex 100 certified clean chemistry - safe for the environment and against your skin.

When you buy a piece of recycled clothing from us, you've purchased an item that uses 86% less energy and produces 77% less emissions than a new polyester garment uses.

Like the oceans we rise

clean oceans

Our partners in Colombia have joined with two innovative organizations called 4Oceans and Green Souls. Their programs take two ecological challenges and simply solve them. First, they organize crews to collect ocean waste - much of it plastic. Yay, cleaner oceans! Second, much of the discarded plastic makes its way to be reprocessed into polyester yarns - perfect for activewear.  Pretty brilliant if you ask us!

We're honored to give this discarded material a proper and long-lasting second life and help clean the world's oceans at the same time!

video is in Spanish but the concept is universal

temporary recycled activewear clothing

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