Envirosax: The best resuable shopping bags. Period.

The philosophy of Envirosax is to make a substantial environmental impact with fashion, design and innovative products. One-use plastic bags & bottles take years to photo-degrade, they clog drains, cause flooding, pollute rivers, streams and oceans, kill animals and destroy plant life. There exists a ‘plastic island’ approximately 500 nautical miles off the Californian coast made up of 9 billion pounds of plastic garbage and it’s reported to be growing.

Envirosax bags are lightweight, portable, waterproof and last five years, each one potentially replacing 5,000 one-use plastic bags over their lifetime. Founded by Belinda Coker in 2004, Envirosax originates from Currumbin Valley in South East Queensland, Australia. The Envirosax team uses renewable and recyclable products where possible and is committed to operating on ecologically sustainable principles.

Envirosax is widely regarded as the leader in the designer reusable bag industry. This is a result of extensive and continuous research into the latest technology in environmentally friendly fabrics as well as an ability to keep up with fashion trends creating inspiring designs.

To insure safe, clean, and fair working conditions, Envirsoax has a full-time staff member on site in the facility where the bags are made in China. There is no subcontracting to "informal" facilties, a practice all-to-common in the industry. The factory pays fair wages and maintains safe clean working conditions. The manufacturer also produces for the German market and has to follow even stricter guidelines concerning fair wages, clean safe working conditions, and use of toxic chemicals.