When fashion is done well, we all prosper. Informed people like you, farmers, herders, garment workers, and the earth we all share.

We believe in BUYING LOCAL as a first choice. When not an option, we believe in choosing FAIR TRADE as often as possible.

Fair Trade means workers are PAID FAIRLY, treated with DIGNITY AND RESPECT, and afforded the means to a HAPPY LIFE.

We believe FAIR TRADE CLOTHING should not only be ethically made, but also thoughtfully designed, beautifully constructed, and fairly priced.

We choose ORGANIC COTTON and EARTH-FRIENDLY MATERIALS whenever possible.  

In a world drowning in disposable clothing, we believe SUSTAINABLE FASHION starts with QUALITY fabrics and construction that endure for years.

 We believe a sustainable wardrobe should lean heavily on TIMELESS STYLE, not 'fast fashion' fads.

We believe a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS is built on a foundation of TRUST and lasting RELATIONSHIPS. With our suppliers and with our customers.

And we firmly believe that all of us can CHANGE THE WORLD. Just by changing our clothes.