Fair Trade is a Family Value

Meet wife and husband team Elsa and Javier of Lima, Peru. Along with their two children, Javier Jr and Mariana, they've created a social enterprise that is transforming lives throughout Lima and the Peruvian countryside and sustaining a growing acreage of organic cotton fields (that happens to grow organic quinoa in the off season!).

Near coastal Pisco, with one of the world's best climates for growing premium pima cotton, Javier started with a fledgling five acre organic cotton farm. He knew that a staggering 25% of the world's insecticide and 10% of pesticide are used on cotton and sought to create a more sustainable model for small scale farmers in Peru. Javier says he's a farmer at heart too. Today, thanks to people like you who choose organic clothing and accessories, Javier's crop has grown to 16 acres and he has big plans to more than double production in the next few years.

From the farm, the cotton is spun into some of the softest yarns on earth, gently dyed using Oeko-tex certified baby-safe dyes, and sent to people like Silvia, who own their own small workshops and lovingly hand knit our "Joobles" collection of organic baby gifts.

Some of the organic pima cotton is knit into pamperingly soft fabric that's used in our Fair Indigo line of organic tees. Workers like Viviana, sewing operator, earn fair and living wages, are treated with respect and dignity, and truly feel part of the "family" Elsa and Javier have created. It feels so great when the clothes on your back support such a worthy and sustainable (for everyone involved) enterprise.

The Fair Indigo Foundation has partnered with Elsa and Javier to support two schools in Peru. We strongly believe that education is the key to lifting people out of poverty long term and the Foundation supports education in the communities where our products are made. With a percent of proceeds plus your $5 donations at checkout, we've been able to hire teachers, build additions, provide indoor plumbing, and purchase books and supplies.