Almost Forever Quality

Impeccable Quality at Each Step

The world is beginning to realize that cheap Fast Fashion is not sustainable. Not for the planet, not for the people who toil in garment factories, and, if you do the math, not even for your budget. A $15 tee you have to replace every 6 months adds up. That's why, at Fair Indigo we like to build quality in from the ground up. Specifically from the fertile Peruvian soil that produces organic Pima cotton - simply the best on earth. Because it's not only out-of-this-world soft, it also outlasts lesser cottons by years. Not many brands are willing to pay the premium for this quality. We are.

And that's just the start. Thoughtful design details, a timeless 'forever in fashion' ethos, meticulous construction, the gentlest dyes, and a rare, but extremely beneficial process of washing fabric before it's cut - a step that keeps your garment from twisting, puckering, and warping in the dryer. This may all seem very old school. And in some ways, it is. But we also strive to be as innovative as we can in reducing our footprint - everything from from tag-free clothing to the latest software to help us reduce fabric scrap waste to biodegradable polybags.

But innovation also must mean pricing in fairness for the long haul. No more disposable clothes. No more boom/bust, in-style/out-of-style mindset. No more fake full prices to set up 60% off sales. Because when clothing is made well, we can all do well - you, our small business, cotton farmers, garment workers, and the planet we all share.