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Best T-Shirt Ever!

"This Long Sleeve Scoop Neck T-Shirt is awesome! The quality of the fabric is soft and washes beautifully. But the most awesome thing is the is a few inches longer than any other shirt I have ever had and I love it. I ordered the extra small which is what I wear in Fair Indigo tops and dresses. It fits perfect!"

-Nancy, online review

This is the best cardigan of its type on the market.

"The Boyfriend Cardigan from Fair Indigo is the best version I've found, among all the ones on the market. It is beautifully made and though cotton (wool itches me), it feels and looks like fine wool. The fit is great and graceful, just long enough to cover your behind but not too long. The ribbing at the wrists and hem is deep and nicely done."

- Anna C, online review

This dress does NOT disappoint!

"The Weekend Dress is an excellent versatile piece. Soft & comfortable fit yet shaped beautifully so you feel put together. Goes from lazy days on the couch to work or out for a long walk with the dog - comfy to sweat a bit in in other words. Fabric is a cozy weight - cold weather appropriate but not too thick - collar is cozy but not tight."

-Suzanne, online review