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Clothes for Sensitive Skin: How to Choose the Right Fabric

Posted on July 21 2023

clothing for sensitive skin - choosing the right fabrics for skin and clothing allergies
We're hearing from more and more people that have developed sensitivities or downright allergies to the clothes they wear. This can be such a frustrating experience. Here we try to break down what you can do.

What is slow fashion? Should I embrace it?

Posted on July 19 2023

what is slow fashion?  slow fashion clothing
Have you been hearing the term 'Slow Fashion' more & more? Or maybe not. We're proud to be part of this counter-culture movement that re-asks the age-old question: "What should I wear today?"

What is organic cotton, and does it really make a difference?

Posted on July 02 2023

organic pima cotton clothing made in peru fair trade ethically made clothes
Organic cotton vs cotton (the regular kind). This post is a deep dive into the reasons why Fair Indigo uses only organic cotton in its clothing. Not only organic cotton, organic Pima cotton from Peru - the top 0.05% of cotton harvested on the planet.

5 Tips to Prevent Cotton Clothing from Shrinking in the Dryer

Posted on May 29 2023

5 tips to prevent cotton clothing from shrinking in the dryer
We’ve all been there. You find the cutest shirt. It’s 100% cotton, and so comfy. It’s in your size. The color is perfection. The way it looks and fits makes you feel amazing. And then you do laundry, and what emerges from the dryer is a shrunken, puckered shadow of the shirt you put in. Ugh.

A New Year update from the founder

Posted on January 02 2023

organic pima cotton
The past two years have been our most challenging, but we've definitely turned a corner and laid a foundation for a better, more abundant future.


Posted on April 15 2022

sustainable t-shirts
Finally. A sustainability blog post for those who like math! The numbers behind building a sustainable t-shirt.

Supply Pain: If you can't buy it, grow it!

Posted on February 04 2022

Supply Pain: If you can't buy it, grow it!
A customer recently asked, ‘What’s the deal with your supply chain? Is COVID still that bad in Peru?”

Betting on the farm

Posted on October 24 2021

organic pima cotton
You can add organic Pima cotton to the list of things that are in short supply right now. But we've got a plan. Let's plant more cotton ourselves.

Feel good solutions are not always doing good

Posted on August 22 2021

Feel good solutions are not always doing good
For every campaign about donating or giving back clothes, there should be five more illustrating how much work goes into actually giving these clothes a new life and how much of it actually just gets dumped.

Fashion Revolution: focus on fundamentals

Posted on April 18 2021

quality clothing
You're really busy. You know you should do more to research how to make better shopping decisions, how to use your purchasing power to change the world. But you just don't have time. It's ok. You can start with a focus on getting the fundamentals right.

Fashion Revolution: carrot or stick?

Posted on April 18 2021

Fair Trade Clothing | Fashion Revolution
Real change is hard. In today's hashtag culture, we want solutions in 280 characters. There isn't a single Big Bang plan that's going to create an overnight revolution in the apparel industry. But baby steps aren't enough either.

When will you be in stock? A COVID Update

Posted on April 14 2021

When will you be in stock? A COVID Update
We're optimistic the worst is behind us, but big challenges related to the pandemic are still affecting us on the ground in Peru.

When you don't pay the bills

Posted on November 18 2020

fair trade clothing
The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for many of us, but has absolutely devastated garment workers around the world. Often times it's because of decisions made thousands of miles away, not out of necessity, but out of choice.

Making clothes during a pandemic

Posted on October 11 2020

Making clothes during a pandemic
Remember back in March and April when almost all the stores closed and you barely shopped for anything outside of food and household essentials? Clothing, unsurprisingly, was one of the...

More colors please!

Posted on July 12 2020

More colors please!
Color inspires lots of suggestions. More colors, brighter colors, darker colors, softer colors, more vibrant colors, a navy that's more blue, a navy that's less blue. It's totally understandable! Color is very personal. So why not just have MORE colors?

Slow fashion for slower times - Guest blogger Grace Zimmerman

Posted on July 07 2020

Grace Timmerman Guest Blogger
 For many of us, the question of, “What do I wear today?” has morphed into, “Should I get dressed today?”

With gratitude, Jody. Mom of the Joobles

Posted on May 08 2020

With gratitude, Jody. Mom of the Joobles
Jody was the first person to encourage me to start Fair Indigo, which isn’t a surprise to anyone who knew her. She encouraged everyone to go for their dream, however improbable it seemed to most. Other good friends, rightfully, advised caution – a big risk, securing investors, long hours. But Jody – “you have to do this!” Jody believed.

The Beauty of Falling Apart: A Fashion Love Story

Posted on April 16 2020

The Beauty of Falling Apart: A Fashion Love Story
As Fashion Revolution Week approaches, we're considering our favorite articles of clothing. Fair Indigo's designer tells the story of one such piece that got a second chance at life and a new place in her wardrobe. A fashion love story for 2020.
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