Our Mission

After years in the apparel industry, a small group of us left our jobs determined to make a difference and to change the industry we grew up in. To build clothing that's timeless, of impeccable quality, and sustainably made. Sustainable not only for the planet, but for the human beings involved in your clothing's journey from the cotton farms to your closet. Instead of racing to the bottom, we're aspiring to the top. With premium-quality organic clothing that looks good, feels good, and does good. Yes, it's time to say good bye to cheap, disposable, fast fashion. For good.

It starts with the best organic cotton on earth

Why will your organic cotton clothing feel otherworldly soft right out of the bag and endure beautifully for years? Because we use the top 0.05% (not a typo) of cotton available. Softest and strongest aren't often used to describe a single fiber. Except when it's organic Peruvian Pima cotton. Ours is grown on two family farms and harvested with care by hand. Simply the best cotton you'll find anywhere on the planet. See our cotton farms

Buy better, buy less, live fully

At Fair Indigo, we're inspired by the idea striving for less. A mindful, deliberate, and sane wardrobe that leans heavily on timeless pieces you'll go back to again and again, clutter-free. And that's precisely why we build in quality - from the cotton and dyes we select to the often rare extra processes we implement to create premium-quality apparel. Our designs are forever in fashion - pieces you'll love for years, with quality that ensures you can. See our quality commitments

Kindness is a sustainable value

Often when apparel brands talk about sustainability, they are talking about making clothing that respects the environment and its limited resources - something to be applauded for sure. But at Fair Indigo, it also means sustainable lives for the world's garment workers. Our artisans and operators in Peru are paid a fair and living wage and treated like family, giving them the means to a healthy, happy life. Meet our friends in Peru

Making an even bigger impact

In addition to living wage jobs, we believe the key to transforming communities from poverty to prosperity is education. The Fair Indigo Foundation funds teachers' salaries, books, building improvements, and computer labs for children who otherwise were being left behind. And it's so easy to make a big difference - just check the $5 donation box at checkout. Your $5 donations have literally transformed the lives of children, their families, and their community. Learn more

ethically made clothing
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