Ah September. Spring is in the air!

Posted on September 02 2019

Fair Indigo Foundation

Ah September. Spring is in the air!

September here may be synonymous with a break in the summer heat, the start of football season, and, of course, Back To School. But in Peru, it's spring and the home stretch for the school year which extends from March through December.

The kids and their families at our adopted school in Cajamarca, Peru are looking back on the school year and celebrating the progress they and their community have made - this year and for the past several.

Fair Indigo Foundation

Because of your donations - the vast majority of them in $5 "round ups" at checkout - together we've accomplished amazing things:

  • Fully funded salaries for teachers and a principal
  • Expanded the school's library of books
  • Installed indoor plumbing (previously the kids brought their own drinking water and used an outhouse)
  • Launched a new playground
  • Split a large classroom into two smaller ones to create separate learning spaces for the older and younger ones
  • Witnessed our first graduating class - including the first student from the community accepted into college - law school no less!

Fair Indigo Foundation

Yes, all of this was made possible from your donations to the Fair Indigo Foundation- the non-profit founded at the same time as Fair Indigo. 100% of your donations go directly to schools because Fair Indigo covers 100% of the Foundation's administrative costs. When you donate $5 at checkout, $5 goes to the school. Not $4. Not $4.97. $5. And $5 goes a loooooong way in rural Peru.

We plan to visit the school again near the end of the school year, but our photographer Carlos was in the Cajamarca area last month and stopped by the school to take some pictures.

There are lots of things that motivate us Fair Indigans to go to work every day; carving out our little sustainable space in the big bad world of fast fashion and cheap clothes, building timeless quality garments that endure beautifully for years,  helping create viable lives for the good people who make our clothes. And the smiles on these kids faces. 

 Fair Indigo FoundationFair Indigo FoundationFair Indigo FoundationFair Indigo FoundationFair Indigo FoundationFair Indigo FoundationFair Indigo FoundationFair Indigo FoundationFair Indigo FoundationFair Indigo Foundation

Robert Behnke
Founder, Fair Indigo

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