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In with the new!

fair indigo website

In with the new!

In addition to moving our merchandise from Amazon to a new warehouse in late February (read more here), we've been super busy making improvements to our website - it's really a whole new site! Here are some of the changes:

More intelligent search

new search engine

Our new search engine is, well, just smarter than our old one. Once you get your results, there are more sorting and filtering options than before too.

See product review summary ratings

new product review

While we had product reviews on our previous site, they stubbornly didn't show up when browsing or searching for products. Now they do.

Filter only organic or only all-cotton

new filtering

You could do this on our previous site, it was just a little more...clumsy. The vast majority of our clothing uses organic cotton and we have a growing collection that uses ONLY organic cotton. Now you can filter to find them from any collection page with one click.

Improved fit & size help

new fit and size help 1


new fit and size help 2

We've turned our fit & size help into one of those handy popup boxes instead of having to scroll down the page. We've also added a chart for garment measurements. If you have a favorite tee or dress or jacket in your closet, we'll show you how to measure it and compare it with our garment sizes so you can pick the best size. Metric fans (we exist!) can now also convert from inches to centimeters with a click.

Ask us questions on the spot

new ask questions

In addition to product reviews to help you make better decisions, we've added Q&A functionality to each product page. Peruse through other people's questions or ask your own. During business hours, we'll do our best to answer you as quickly as possible. In any case you'll get emailed once we've answered your question.

Add a gift message

new gift message

I know this should seem as basic as having a checkout, but our former partnership with Amazon complicated things. The message appeared on Amazon's infamously tiny "packing list" with what seemed like 2-point font. Our new website and new warehouse are ready to pass your message along efficiently and readably!

Streamlined checkout

new checkout

Can't remember if you had an account or not? Maybe had an account but can't remember your password? Want to check out as a guest in March but log in in April? No problem! You can check out seamlessly, logged in or as a guest, to your heart's content. And you no longer need to create an account to make online returns. There's one sure-fire way to know this is working better. Ellen, our Customer Care Manager, tells me there have been virtually zero emails or calls about checkout difficulty over the past few weeks. This was not the case during our last major website update.

Super easy returns

new returns

We hope you don't have to use this feature too often, but when you do, it couldn't be easier. Just enter the email you used to check out and away you go. Checked out as a guest? No problem. Placed multiple orders over the last couple months? Easy breezy. Combine any items from multiple orders in a single return package. A very reasonable $6 flat fee helps us pay for this super convenient service.

And next up?

While it feels good to take a brief breather on website updates, we have other cool features in the works too. We're looking at options where you can communicate and check out solely with your phone and text messaging instead of email. We're also working on developing a product timeline - you'll be able to see every stage of your garment from the planting of the organic cotton to delivery to your door. Have other suggestions - let us know at service@fairindigo.com

Robert Behnke
Founder, Fair Indigo

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