Feel good solutions are not always doing good

Posted on August 22 2021

We cannot recycle or donate our way to sustainability

Apologies for the "short cut" blog: linking to an article. With our supply chain challenges we're all hands on deck to triage that situation and get our newest product up on the website. But this is an important topic.

We might feel great when we donate our clothes to Goodwill or our local secondhand shop - and indeed that's still better than tossing it in the trash. But where your clothes go from there is a hidden horror story. The US exports over a billion pounds of secondhand clothing a year. And while we'd like to think most of it is donated to those in need, the truth is uglier.

Instead of depressing you, let this article inspire you to invest in clothing that is timeless, well-made, and will give you years and years of service (not months or a year or two).

Fast Company Article

"For every campaign about donating or giving back clothes, there should be five more illustrating how much work goes into actually giving these clothes a new life and how much of it actually just gets dumped."

 Read the article courtesy of Fast Company here

Robert Behnke


Robert Behnke
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