What's in the bag?

Posted on January 28 2024

What's in the bag?

If you've ordered from us recently, you may have noticed a pop of green in your mailbox. For quite some time we've searched for better, lower-impact shipping bags.

While paper bags have their benefits, their environmental superiority over plastic is not quite as clear cut as it seems. And the recycled plastic bags we've seen until now are usually 30% recycled, 50% recycled. It's a bit...underwhelming.

Paper vs Recycled Plastic

After lots of research & careful consideration, we've landed on a bag that is 100% recycled. And 100% recycleable after you receive it. By using 100% recycled material, we utilizing materials that are already in circulation, not using up new ones.

The bags are manufactured in accordance with the most rigorous global recycled standard - GRS. The GRS standard includes additional social and environmental requirements related to processing and chemical use.

And while paper bags might seem like the most responsible choice, manufacturing a paper bag takes about four times as much energy as it takes to produce a plastic bag. Plus the chemicals used in producing paper bags create additional harm to the environment.

With our new green bags, we're taking a part of the eco-system we wished didn't exist (but it does) and giving it a second life. And you can give it a third.

Robert Behnke 

Robert Behnke
Co-Founder & President


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