When will you be in stock? A COVID Update

Posted on April 14 2021

When will you be in stock? A COVID Update

While we're cautiously optimistic the worst is behind us, the challenges in Peru where our clothing is made are as daunting as they've ever been. Pandemic cases and fatalities are hitting new highs as Peru is locked down again, impacting our ability to re-stock merchandise.

Our partners there are still working, but at a socially distanced pace that ensures safety. With very little safety net, their ability to stay employed is one of the bright spots in their lives. We can't even begin to express how much they appreciate this. Thank you!

We're in stock on many seasonless colors, but not in all of the spring colors we'd hoped to have by now. New receipts will arrive, little by little, over the next couple months. You can look for the Email When Available button on each product's page to be notified the moment it's here.

email when available button 

By ordering what we have available or by signing up to be notified when something is in stock, you're helping us overcome real financial headwinds. And if you can share us with a friend who might be moved to make a difference and score a fantastic, timeless piece of clothing that'll last almost forever, thank you so very much! For your patience, for your support, for your friendship.

For more details and inside scoop (like 5 minutes inside scoop), I explain it here:

Robert Behnke


Robert Behnke
Co-Founder & President

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