We're all in this together

Fairly Made

When fashion is done right, everyone can do well: consumers, businesses, farmers, garment workers, and the earth we all share. Fair Indigo clothing provides the means to a happy, healthy life for all involved in its production. Thanks to you, they work in safe surroundings - not sweatshops - and earn a fair wage that enables them to house, feed, and care for their families and strengthen their communities. You’re helping fashion a better future with every piece you wear. 

Why Peru

There is no better place on earth to make clothing. The quality of Pima cotton and alpaca is unmatched - it’s sustainable, crazy long-lasting, extremely soft. Then there are the people of Peru - some of the happiest, friendliest, and most generous people you'll ever meet. On top of all that goodness, their apparel making skills are legendary – handed down through generations, literally from the time of the Incas. There are thousands of workers here able, willing, and happy to make your clothes. They just need the chance to do so.

Where It All Started

Small family business are increasingly rare in apparel making, but husband and wife team Javier and Elsa stand apart as one of the finest. Javier and Elsa come from Cajamarca, Peru's Dairyland (kindred spirits to us Wisconsinites). They grow their own organic Pima cotton, run their own small-batch sewing workshop in Lima, and serve as a hub for dozens of tiny knitting cooperatives – who, without Javier and Elsa's assistance, would struggle to get their products to market.

Javier has always been a farmer at heart. His two farms are situated in a region ideal for growing the world's best cotton – Pima cotton. His non-GMO, GOTS-certified organic cotton doesn't contain any pesticides or other harmful chemicals. The farm uses natural irrigation techniques, grows quinoa in the off-season, and, like all Pima cotton, workers pick it by hand. This limits environmental impact of the cotton harvest and ensures the cotton is of the highest quality.

Sustainable. Fairly Made. Forever in Fashion.


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