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Organic Stuffed Animals | Ethically hand knit in Peru

The Joobles are a lovable bunch of organic cotton stuffed animals, hand knit in small cooperatives throughout Peru.

These playful characters bring children joy and reflect the talent of the artisans who lovingly hand knit each one.

Machine wash gentle, hypoallergenic, safe, non-toxic.

The Joobles Organic Stuffed Animals Picture Book 

Jiffy the Giraffe

Jiffy just radiates optimism and it's contagious to the rest of the Joobles crew. If any of them are frustrated about something, Jiffy is always there to talk them through the solution.

Kitty Katz

Kitty Katz is fiercely independent and likes to remind her Joobles friends that alone time can be just as satisfying as together time. She enjoys listening to music with her ear buds - she also loves how they feel in her ears - and loves all things outer space.

Roar the Lion

While you might not know it from his tough exterior, the other Joobles know that Roar the Lion has one of the biggest and softest hearts. He loves art and is passionate about protecting endangered species.

Organic Tanguis Cotton

While less famous than its close cousin, Pima, Tanguis is the best cotton to use for sweater knits and stuffed animals. Our two family farms grow a combination of Pima and Tanguis cotton - planted, tended, and harvested with care and by hand. Because it's organic, you don't have to worry about pesticide residue in what we hope is the child's favorite new little friend. See our farms.

Icy the Penguin

Icy is well known as the Joobles' science buff. If you can't find her, it's probably because she's hiding behind a book or the latest science magazine.

Racky the Raccoon

A bit mischievous and known to the other Joobles as a practical joker, Racky the Raccoon gets serious when he travels. He loves soaking up other cultures and finding hidden places off the beaten path.

Mel the Monkey

When the Joobles are looking for someone to lighten the mood or tell a good joke, they turn to Mel the Monkey. Mel's dream is to be a stand-up comedian, but when it comes to the rainforest, Mel is seriously passionate about protecting it.

Safe colors

The dyes used on the organic cotton yarns are certified to the most stringent safety standard - Oeko-tex 100. They're tested for literally hundreds of dangerous substances like Azo colorants, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, and nickel. Our dyes meet or exceed the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) regarding lead and the European Chemical Regulation (REACh). Rest easy knowing we've developed toys with the gentlest colorants available anywhere. See certification.

Jody the Owl

Jody doesn't mind the stereotype of the wise owl, in fact she embraces it. But her wisdom doesn't just come from being a self-described bookworm. She's well-traveled and passionate about learning all she can from whomever she meets.

Flop the Frog

Flop the Frog is a bit of a busy body; so active and hard working he sometimes has a hard time sitting still. But when it's time to relax, Flop says there's nothing like a hike on a warm night to enjoy the symphony of crickets.

Pip the Dog

Pip the Dog has a hard time sitting still. He loves sports and exercise and has even been spotted chasing his own tail. The rest of the Joobles love his energy and the way he treats everyone as a best friend.

Irma's new life

Whoever is lucky enough to receive a Jooble isn't the only one whose life is touched. Artisans like Irma have been able to transform their lives and the lives of their families because they're able to put their awe-inspiring knitting skills to work. Read more.

Cutie the Lamb

Cutie the Lamb is a little shy, except when she's dancing. She loves to dance. The other Joobles know her as the one who always makes sure no one is left behind.

Huggy the Bear

Huggy the Bear is known to the rest of the Joobles gang as everyone's BFF, always encouraging everyone to be their best. Huggy also loves cooking and has been known to whip up a campfire feast for the entire Joobles crew.

A foundation for the future

In addition to living wage jobs, we believe the key to transforming communities from poverty to prosperity is education. The Joobles, along with its sister brand, Fair Indigo, funds The Fair Indigo Foundation. This non-profit pays for teachers' salaries, books, building improvements, and computer labs for children who otherwise were being left behind. And it's so easy to make a big difference - just check the $5 donation box at checkout. Your $5 donations have literally transformed the lives of children, their families, and their community. Learn More

It started with a mom's dream

Jody, the mom who dreamt up the Joobles on a flight back home from Peru, was blessed with a very essential life skill - the ability to view the world as if through the eyes of a child – a world full of good people, a million awesome ideas, and color. We unfortunately lost Jody far too soon, but her smiles live on forever in the joy she has brought so many. Read our blog about the Mom of the Joobles

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