Fair Indigo hang tags

Hang Tags No More

Last fall we made the decision to eliminate all hang tags on our men's and women's garments. It was an easy decision to make - reduce paper and plastic waste? Save labor time at our production facility attaching said hang tags? Done and done. In order to communicate some basic information about our company, we redesigned our clothing poly bags (including switching to degradable poly bags!) and wrote about it in the blog This Bag is Fully Degradable. Like a Leaf

The only problem with eliminating garment hang tags is that some of our leftover stock from the previous season still had hang tags attached, leading some customers to believe the garment that arrived WITHOUT hang tags was worn or damaged. We can assure you this is not the case! Eliminating hang tags was a conscious decision on our part to be kinder to the environment and we understand sometimes change can cause confusion. But we hope it’s a change everyone can appreciate.

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Stacy Imhoff 
Style Manager, Fair Indigo


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