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Last call for Organic All-Cotton Fleece!

Last call for Organic All-Cotton Fleece!

We've made the decision to discontinue our Organic All-Cotton Fleece for now - a sad decision indeed. Our fleece is rare - besides being made from super-soft-and-strong organic Pima cotton, it's made from ONLY super-soft-and-strong organic Pima cotton. Almost all fleece on the market today is made from part or all synthetic fibers. The final product has been beautiful, soft, and warm jackets and dresses. Just read this online review (one of many):

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The decision to discontinue our organic fleece collection has come after a couple of seasons struggling to get the quality exactly right - it has become quite a headache to keep the fabric weight, softness, and amount of stretch just right, resulting in meters of unusable fabric. And that's not what our company is all about. Along with the physical waste, it's been using up our time and energy and the time and energy of our production facility in Peru. Time and energy we would rather put into other endeavors.

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