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The Year Ahead, a letter from our founder

CHANGE. There may be no more hopeful word in the English language. The last days of the year are often spent reflecting on what change we’d like to create in our own lives.

I want to read more books in 2019. As social media vies for more and more attention, I’m reading fewer books than I did five years ago. I don’t like that. And this year I’m changing it. I’m also continuing a multi-year evolution to buying less stuff. It feels great! Liberating you from clutter, helping your budget, and putting a small dent in humanity’s voracious appetite for depleting natural resources.

BUYING LESS as a resolution may seem like a disconnect coming from someone whose livelihood relies on more people buying more clothes. But that’s not how I think about it.

We start with the premise that (almost) all of the world’s 7 billion people wear clothes. And this has spawned an apparel industry that’s honestly devastating for the earth and many of its people, second only to the oil industry in its negative environmental impact.

The best way to CHANGE this is to embrace an ethos of BUY LESS, BUY BETTER. The antithesis of Fast Fashion. To invest in clothing you’ll want to wear well beyond this season. Clothing made with quality that ensures you can wear it for years to come. We’re so proud that you and we are part of this change.

Here are some more changes coming down the pike in 2019.


After an intensive certification process, our workshop owners in Lima, Peru have started two new organic cotton farms – one in Pisco and one in Chiclayo. Diversifying geographically helps us hedge against bad weather and poor harvests that have increased in frequency recently. The first harvest is in April!


In mid February, we’ll be able to offer much better service as we move our merchandise out of Amazon fulfillment centers. Here’s a BLOG POST explaining why. You can also scoop up some great savings in our MOVING SALE!


Around the same time, we’ll be launching a new streamlined website with easier navigation, checkout, and mobile phone compatibility.

All of the above will help us focus more on our core mission – offering you high quality, organic, and ethically made clothing. Thank you for your support in 2018 and Happy New Year!


Robert Behnke
Co-founder & President

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